Tuesday, June 9, 2009

'Jamshed Marker's Cricket Googlie' and 'Memories of Lahore' : Come watch!

'Jamshed Marker's Cricket Googlie'
Jamshed Marker
Duration: 6:47

'He (Rasheedudin Ahmed) said, "Just imagine that you are sitting next to a very dear friend who is blind but who loves cricket. Forget about audience, forget about mike, forget about radio. Just imagine you are sitting next to him and explain it to him. Take him to the match."'

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Memories of Lahore'
Akbar Ali Chughtai
Duration: 6:13

'I was quite young, but I remember that Lahore was a very beautiful city. I am talking about the walled city encircling Lahore. The city was inside the walls. And outside, there were gardens from one end to another. We used to go to those gardens every morning with my father and play there. The path to the gardens was strewn with motia flowers. In Spring, the gardens were filled with the fragrance of flowers.'

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  1. Mr. Chughtai,
    a very good narration and a short history of Lahore. The emotional end is truly heart warming.
    God Bless you and best wishes.
    Akbar Khan